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Is Rocket Piano the Best Online Home Study Course for Piano? – R

Up until recently the only way to really learn to play the piano or the keyboards has been to attend regular weekly lessons with a trained professional piano teacher. You would undoubtedly spend time learning to read music, playing scales and learning a selection of classical pieces. There have always been a few self taught individuals but on the whole it was easier and more effective to go to a regular teacher. Now with recent advances in technology it is completely possible to get top quality piano lessons in an audio visual format downloaded to your own computer that are just as effective if not more so than attending standard piano lessons with a teacher.

The now popular home study courses available for learning the piano consist of a series of audio and video files that can be played back on your computer or come on a standard DVD. The better courses are well thought out and will guide you from absolute beginner level to a very high intermediate level. The material will typically be split up into lessons with a short video showing you what to do and a series of audio files with more examples and explanations. The overall effect is like having your own personal teacher on hand whenever you feel like doing a lesson.

Tips for Piano Beginners

Complete Online Guide for Piano Beginners

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Difference between Anasazi and Native American Flute

The current popularity of the replicas of the ancient Anasazi flute among members of the Native American flute community present some interesting challenges for the Native American flute (NAF) enthusiast. The main difference comes from the nature of sound production of the different flutes. Traditional NAFs owe their mouthpiece structure to the European recorder or penny whistle due to the fipple which splits the air column creating the sound. As the NAF developed, a two-chamber system with a small air channel directing the airflow became the standard. The Anasazi flute replicas are examples of a much earlier, less technical system of using a mouth-guided airflow, or embouchure, as the means of sound production.

The early NAFs scale and tuning systems varied. There was a biometric method based upon boring holes corresponding to distances of various points of the player’s hands, as well some tunings much like the major scale of recorders and penny whistles. Sometime in the 1950s-70s the standardization of the pentatonic scale became the familiar sound that has attracted people to the flute. The relative ease of sound production and pleasing sound of the pentatonic scale ensures quick success for the musician and non-musician alike. In contrast, the Anasazi-style flutes require that a tone be created by training the mouth muscles to direct the sound across the front edge of the top of the flute. This difference is at first difficult for many people since sound is not automatically produced by simple blowing, but is produced much like blowing across a soda bottle. A bit of muscle memory and trial and error (and a significant amount of practice) is necessary before a consistent sound can be obtained.

Tips for Flute Beginners

Complete Online Guide for Flute Beginners

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Buying a Piano? Things to Consider Before Purchasing A Piano

Everyone can be lured by the sight and the sound of someone playing the piano. Watching the fingers gliding over the keys can bring great awe to a crowd. So when you are ready to buy here is what you should consider when buying a piano.

As with most things there are a variety of sizes and shapes to pianos. The large and highly polished grand piano usually sits in front of cathedrals or music halls waiting for someone to pull greatness from them. But there are smaller pianos that are perfect for home use that allow you to bring the same sounds from the concert hall to your living room.

Piano buying is not for the faint of heart as the cost of both the grand and the smaller upright for your living room can be like purchasing a car. It is an investment and that consideration can help when you are ready to move forward with the purchase.

There can be costs you have not considered tied up the total cost of a piano. The delivery to your home from the store can be charged. Add in the tuning of the piano once it is delivered and you may be reeling too much to buy sheet music.

Well what can you do to lower the amount you end up paying to have a piano in your home? First thing to do is to make sure you do your research and visit all the stores in your vicinity to see the prices and find out if there are any incentives or special values available. Ask if the delivery and first tuning are included in the price as that will help with your initial cost.

Tips for Piano Beginners

Complete Online Guide for Piano Beginners

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Make Beats and music online under 3 minutes & download

Want to make beats and music?
Many people and music buffs would die to make their own music and beats. Despite being talented many people will give up because of the investment required to compose music and other procuring music instruments and creating a team. With our software which has 1000s of sounds and instruments anyone with interest in music can become a composer. It is very easy to learn and start right away.

Making your first beat ...

The software has simple but powerful interface, you can convert any of your tunes/beats in to proper mp3 format. You have 100% copyright of the content that you create. There cannot be a better, simple and inexpensive software like our Sonic Producer.

Best Online Guide For Musicians

Wanna Make Your Own Music Online?

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How to Choose a Trumpet to Buy? Trumpet Selection Tips

Picking the best trumpet can be a difficult task. Most parents looking for a trumpet have no idea what to buy. I’ve been a trumpet teacher for twenty years and a band director for the last fifteen. I’ve played on almost every trumpet available today, and many of them are great instruments while some are far from it.

Trumpets come in different levels. There are beginning or student trumpets, intermediate trumpets, professional trumpets, and custom trumpets. There are also some instruments that should only be made into lamps or put on walls as decoration because of their inferior quality. The price gives them away. If you buy one of these, you’re most likely throwing your money away. Be very careful.

Most students start out on beginning or student trumpets. Student trumpets are generally built with less hand-fitting, and tougher materials. They are usually built to withstand normal student use, and they should last through the first few years of band. Don’t just buy a cheap trumpet. Some of them are so poorly made, they will hold a student back.

Tips for Trumpet Beginners

Complete Online Guide for Trumpet Beginners


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